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Radios That Glow in the Dark

For Sale and or Trade: Looking for TR-4C and any other Drake Equipment

Hallicrafters and SBE Station, 1983-Galaxy GT-550, 2004


This had to be my favorite station of all times, but not quite the best picture. It was way before digital cameras came into being. But, I did the best I could with what I had. I could spend hours at a time, and never tire of it. Some of the best audio reports I have ever received, were with the HT-32. The receiver was extremely sensitive, and very stable. It could remain off for days, and when turned on, was still on the frequency I had left it on. The amplifier was a proto type, designed in the engineering department of SBE/Linear Systems. I had 5 of them at one time, as they were given to me by the department. There were none sold on the open market as far as I know. I do believe one or two may have been sold at the auction when SBE shut down in the mid 70's. Many phone patches were run with this station during the Viet Nam conflict.


The Galaxy, GT-550 with the matching power supply/speaker, and outboard VFO, one of WRL's last rigs is the station I use from my backyard shop. This keeps me away from the house while the XYL wants to do something but hear a lot of redio communications. In other words, keeps peace in the house. It is loaded to an older G5RV and only runs barefoot. MFJ 949D antenna tuner will allow me to work all bands while working on old "Boatanchors" on hot summer days.

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The begining of my amateur radio career!

I began my interest in communications in the early '50s. Being an Army brat, we were all over the world at various times. While living in Germany I became friends with some AirForce guys working at an air weather station near our home. Those guys sort of took me in, and let me help build a home brew 20M beam. It was tested on a 12' ladder out in a parking lot. We made several contacts to the US, and by then I knew I just had to get a license. My parents gave me an Allied Radio, Knight Kit, "Ocean Hopper". It had 5 plug in coils for band change, and no audio stage. Used head set only. They helped me assemble the kit and learn CW. I would sit up all hours of the night listning to stations from all over the globe. Great excitement for a teenager! When I returned to the states, got my novice.