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Always looking for Drake Equipment!

Gonset,National, Henry, Icom, ADI and others


Well, folks, it took me nearly two years to get the complete Gonset gear going. The G-63 was really rusted up cabinet wise. We took it down to bare metal, 6 coats of primer all wet sanded. Then 4 coats of "Gun Metal" gray paint. That too, was wet sanded and clear coated. It is as near as possible to the original color as we could get. The only way it will be noticed, is to place it near another receiver. The GSB-100 has a Peter Dahl power transformer installed. Cost was nearly what I had in the whole transmitter! It too, was pretty rough on the outside, but as you can see, looks almost new. We used both rigs on 75 and 40 mostly. The HW-101 is equipped with a "HEATHKIT" labeled ElectroVoice microphone, and the Gonset has a D-104, non amplified mic. Both get great audio reports. It only took close to two years to get this all together and working. Not that I get in any kind of rush. HI HI All this gear is now gone, as I have gone to all Drake equipment.


This station is no longer in use. It was sold in 2003, and I went to all Drake equipment. You will see the National NCX-3, Henry 2KD-5 amp, PK232 MBX, Icom IC-735, Astron 35M power supply, and one of the old mechanical digital clocks from way back in the 50's. Not real visible on the bottom of the top shelf, is the 2 meter ADI-147. There is of course the MFJ 3KW tuner that works with both the G5RV and Carolina Windom antennas. This station is in use daily, and I get great audio reports with the D-104 (non amplified) microphone. This is one of the best stations I have put together lately, and it's great fun using this old equipment. Yeah, parts are getting harder to locate, but not impossible.

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