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Here is a picture of a homebrew quad built by WB6VSE, now K5VSE and used in Felton, CA back in the late '60s and early '70s. It lasted through several major storms and one severe (unexpected) snow storm. The storm took down many trees and power lines, as the area is not subject to these type storms. The antenna performed excellent over the pole to Europe.

Here we are, in Arizona. The rig was an 88 Peterbuilt, running an Icom IC-735, MFJ antenna tuner to Hustler mobile antennas. All resonators were the "Super", high power units. We have been in all but 2 states with this setup. The amateur radio keeps me going while spending weeks at a time on the road. Since this was taken, I have retired from trucking. Now have an electronics shop in Arkansas, doing computer repair and sales, as well as restoration and repair of old "TUBE" type communications equipment. It started out as a hobby, but developed into a full time business. Hope to start up a small museum in Mena some day, to keep the memories of these radios alive. Nothing better than the warmth and smell of tube radios on a cool winter night.

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